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Société Mécanique de Beauzac

Specialist in precision machining and heat treatment for over 30 years!

The organization and production capacity of SOMECAB ensures tight leadtimes.


Automation of production means places SOMECAB among the most competitive players on the market.


Une équipe disponible pour répondre aux exigences des clients en recherche constante d'excellence. Somecab assure aussi le transport aller et retour des pièces qui lui sont confiées.


Dimensional measurements, magnetic particle examinations and structure and hardness measurements.

Who are we?

SOMECAB means Company Mechanics of Beauzac is specialized in heat mass treatment of raw forgings and foundry castings, machining, gear cutting, thermochemical treatment, and induction hardening

With its powerful machinery park SOMECAB provides customers fully finished products and controlling manufacturing processes from A to Z, in workshops, since the purchase of raw material to sub-assembly. With an experience of 30 years SOMECAB continues to invest in its production facilities to ensure maximum productivity.

This experience and his team of experts in mechanics and metallurgy also allow SOMECAB to meet the needs of its clients.

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