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Numerical Control Machining

With an experience of over 30 years, SOMECAB offers to its customers all the benefits of CNC machining :

  • milling

  • turning

  • gear cutting

  • broaching

  • rolling

  • grinding


SOMECAB has a machine park including CNC lathes for machining parts with diameters between 50 mm and 1250 mm, and lengths up to 3000 mm.

The machinery also consists of vertical and horizontal machining centers equipped with 630 mm and 1200 mm loading pallets, robotized twin-spindle lathes, four flexible machining cells with 12 pallets, 5-axis, allowing to produce large parts up to 2600 mm.

SOMECAB has extensive experience in the gear cutting of parts with a diameter up to 800 mm and module 16.

Finally, SOMECAB offers broaching operations

Our production means are particularly well suited for the production of parts in small and medium series (1000 to 60,000 parts per year).

SOMECAB has built an excellent reputation regarding its productivity and continues to invest heavily in its production facilities.

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